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The Trader: More results from my filter

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I run my filter every week, usually on a Saturday morning. By running the filter every week, it allows five trading sessions to pass and therefore potentially offer up new stocks. Time is a trader’s greatest asset, and it makes no sense to run the filter every day when almost all of the stocks will […]

The Trader: Introducing the single page

A few months ago, SharePad released a new feature. It’s called the Single Page. The Single Page feature can be found by clicking this icon in the middle of your SharePad here: An easier way to access this is by clicking the Enter key on your keyboard. This will bring up the Single Page instantly […]

The Trader: Trading Turnarounds

Everyone likes a turnaround. This is because people like the idea of buying at the bottom and reaping the rewards. However, trading turnarounds can take a lot of time. Businesses are often slow to change and it is not a quick process. This article will show you how to trade some potential turnaround stocks and […]

The Trader: Results from my filter

My last article detailed my new filter. If you missed it then you can read about it here. As discussed, this filter looks for stocks that are uptrending and are off their recent highs. It provides trading ideas that we can then dig further into. Here are some recent results. Calnex Solutions (CLX) Calnex is […]

The Trader: A look at the commodities sector

The commodities sector is popular with private investors and retail traders. Life changing gains (and life changing losses) can be made on this sector. Back the right minor and you can see stocks appreciate in value several-fold, although the vast majority never amount to anything other than value destruction through endless placings. In this article […]

Stock selection & staying in lane

In this article I’m going to cover some big picture charting and try my best to bring across to the reader three different time frames of managing money or lanes of investing that every investor can connect with in one form or another. In addition, I also want to offer some reasoning as to why […]

The Trader: A look at the hospitality sector

The hospitality sector has been smashed in recent months. This is for several reasons. Lower footfall in high streets, offices closed and the work from home trend, and finally because many were already being hit in the casual dining crisis that is far from over. In the aftermaths of the Great Financial Crisis restaurants boomed. […]

The Trader: Spread Betting

Spread betting is another way of buying and selling shares. Instead of buying the actual stock when we purchase through our broker, in spread betting we are literally placing a bet on the stock that it will either rise or fall as defined by the spread. The spread is the price to buy and the […]

The Trader: Working Through Rough Periods

Unless you’re an Instagram trader, set with a laptop by the pool and a Lamborghini in the background, everybody goes through rough patches in trading. It is a fact. So much of this business is uncertain, and ironically people want to get into trading for the ‘freedom’ it provides. But free we are not, and […]

The Trader: Knowing Your Market

We have covered many aspects of trading in previous articles, such as Why You Should Be Using R, Exit Strategies, and How To Avoid Blowing Your Account, and having had conversations with recent traders it is clear that knowing your market in what you trade is a necessary criterion. This article will introduce new traders […]

The Trader: Five rules for new traders

A combination of market volatility and being locked in during lockdown has led to many turning their eye to getting involved in the stock market. The failure rate for traders is estimated to be around 90%, and many of the spread bet firms report that 70%+ of clients lose (the real figure I believe is […]

The Trader: How to Avoid Blowing Your Account

The market is moving with extreme volatility in recent weeks. This offers traders many opportunities to prosper and profit, but volatility is a double-edged sword. It can be your best friend one day and your worst enemy the next. Many traders love volatility when the trade is going in their favour, but struggle to deal […]

The Trader: Exit Strategies

In April 2017, I had a real nightmare. I had been trading full time on the market for four months and had had enormous success buying bubbley story stocks and riding them upwards. I was convinced that I knew what I was doing. I made all the classic mistakes of complacency, which turned into denial […]

The Trader: Optimising Your RNS Feed

In this article, I’ll show you how to clean up and manage your RNS feed by adding a filter and removing noise, colour coding your RNSs, and highlighting words and phrases within the stories itself. We’ll also get rid of all stocks without EPIC codes. The RNS feed is an important part of the screen […]