Author: Michael Taylor

The Trader: How to protect against frauds

Consider Wandisco. It’s a software company that specialises in providing data management and replication services for businesses. The company was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in San Ramon, California, with additional offices in the UK, India, and Poland. Wandisco was listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market in 2012 and has been a […]

The Trader: US stocks had their second-best day in history this week.

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Michael looks at the price action of the indices over the last few weeks and includes two potential breakout trades. US stocks had their second-best day in history this week. The indices have continued to rally since I last wrote two weeks ago. Many UK stocks have seen uplifts in their valuations too. The market […]

The Trader: Academic Findings in Retail Trading

Michael looks at several academic studies covering retail investors and what we can learn from them. We last looked at an academic article on trading in the summer of 2020. For a refresher, there were several findings. 1. “Retail investors tend to trade as contrarians after large earnings surprises, both positive and negative” Retail investors […]

The Trader: Trading the markets is a daily psychological battle.

In this article, Michael looks at 8 trading biases and how to mitigate these. It’s comparable to a video game. You press certain buttons to make certain things happen because you want a certain result. The better you press the buttons, the higher your score. Only in this game, the score is not meaningless. It’s […]

The Trader: Introducing the new SharePad chat

Michael demonstrates how straightforward the new chat is and how SharePad chat has been designed to allow users to connect and share information with each other.  The Chat feature has been significantly improved in recent weeks.   SharePad has many successful and intelligent users (such as yourself), and this feature has been designed in order […]

The Trader: What can traders learn from Warren Buffett?

Warren Buffet is one of the greatest investors of all time. He has acquired wealth through relatively simple investing rules and sticking with them. Investing is completely different to trading, but I’m always open to reading about others’ successes and learning from them. In this article, we’re going to explore some of Warren Buffett’s secrets. […]

The Trader: Introducing two new filters for times of pain

Michael introduces two new filters to get ahead in difficult times through advance notices of potential breakouts and breakdowns. It pays to be bullish. History has shown us that over a long enough period of time being bullish on stocks has been a winning strategy. Economies grow, new technologies are invented, and value is created. […]

The Trader: Macroeconomic factors on stocks

Trader Michael Taylor looks at indices and the macroeconomic impacts on the market. It’s been another volatile few weeks in the market. The game has now changed, and players must adapt or see their money taken from them. Over the last ten years, private investors could get away without bothering themselves too much about macroeconomics. […]

Sniper shorts

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It has been a turgid couple of months for small cap investors. Many stocks are well off their highs. There are no longer placings where investors can’t write tickets quick enough. The capital tap (for now) is no longer gushing and we’re seeing companies sell off as people become wary of a possible recession. At […]

The Trader: 3 principles for trading on the stock market

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Breakouts are an excellent way to swing trade and profit from bull markets. I love breakouts because they’re a high probability pattern of continuation and also because it means that the price is rising. However, many people try strategies that that are inherently risky. Sadly, one private investor commented that they’d invested into a stock […]

The Trader: Trading Turnarounds


Everyone likes a turnaround. This is because people like the idea of buying at the bottom and reaping the rewards.

However, trading turnarounds can take a lot of time. Businesses are often slow to change and it is not a quick process.

This article will show you how to trade some potential turnaround stocks and give you some pointers to look at next time you are considering trading a turnaround.

The Trader: A look at the pharmaceuticals sector

The pharmaceuticals sector is another popular sector with private investors and retail traders. This is because the volatility is high and traders are often attracted to the blue-sky lottery ticket type stocks. The road for a junior pharmaceutical company is long and hard. First of all, drugs need to go through three phases of testing […]

The Trader: A look at the commodities sector

The commodities sector is popular with private investors and retail traders. Life changing gains (and life changing losses) can be made on this sector. Back the right minor and you can see stocks appreciate in value several-fold, although the vast majority never amount to anything other than value destruction through endless placings. In this article […]

Taste the Feeling

Taste the Feeling is a Coca-Cola slogan from 2016. I think it’s a very good, because Coca-Cola isn’t just a product. It’s a religion. The fervour seen during the launch of New Coke, launched in 1985, as a response to Pepsi’s taste tests showing consumers preferred a sweeter alternative, showed that it wasn’t about the […]

Why mindset is the most important factor

“Nature versus nurture” has been a debate that has raged for hundreds of years. Sir Francis Galton (pictured above), who was a Victorian era statistician and psychologist (amongst investor, explorer, and other disciplines) coined the phrase in his book Hereditary Genius. He had been influenced by Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species, and so in […]

Cups and bowls

Cups and handles, and bowls, have been very popular with trend traders. These patterns can be powerful as they show sentiment of the stock gradually changing and buyers slowly overpowering suppliers of the stock. This is a classic cup and handle pattern. The cup is the deeper bowl, along with a handle which is the […]

Support & Resistance

Support and resistance are two common concepts when it comes to technical analysis. They are the most basic but also the most important points when plotting levels on a chart. Technical analysis is a self-fulfilling prophecy as many traders and investors look at the same levels on charts, and therefore support becomes support because people […]

Two Technical Analysis Tools You Need: Candlesticks and Volume

We briefly touched on technical analysis in my previous article ‘The Four Stages of a Stock’, and in this article I want to introduce some simple technical analysis components, which, if understood, can provide a lot of clarity on price action in the market. Candlesticks are said to have been invented by a Japanese rice […]