Author: Alpesh Patel OBE

Behind the Dip: Unravelling Stock Price Drops and Crafting Winning Strategies


Alpesh Patel OBE looks at the causes and potential strategies when a stock that has risen significantly experiences a sudden drop. When a stock that has risen significantly experiences a sudden drop, it can cause concern for many investors. This situation is common in the stock market, and it’s crucial to understand the reasons behind […]

Investing in the Future: A Look at Stocks in Artificial Intelligence

In today’s fast-paced world, artificial intelligence has emerged as a disruptive technology with the potential to transform various industries. Investors seeking exposure to this exciting field may consider investing in stocks that specialise in AI solutions. In this blog post, we explore the world of artificial intelligence and highlight some of the best AI stocks […]

The Top Portfolio Mistakes We’ve Seen from Our Analysis

Prepare to be captivated, as I unravel the troubling discoveries I made after analysing dozens of investment portfolios sent to me via my Campaign for a Million to educate a million people to be better investors. Biggest errors 1. Over-diversification: The curse of too many funds A prevalent issue was over-diversification, resulting in subpar performance. […]

Stock Market for the Rest of 2023: Should You Be Cautious?

With the start of 2023 showing promise for US-centric portfolios, many investors may be feeling optimistic about the stock market. However, a closer look at the outlooks and forecasts from major banks and analysts reveals a more complex and varied picture, with some cautionary notes and potential challenges on the horizon. I’ve had a great […]

How has 2022 been for UK stocks and any reason to be optimistic in 2023?


Let’s look at the data. Yes, I am data-obsessed. Too many people speak twaddle without looking at the facts or data. By the way, here’s a good trick on social media when you find annoying twaddle, just put this into the comments “Data?”. Out of the 350 largest quoted companies on the London Stock Exchange […]

UK Stock Market & UK India Free Trade Agreement

I write to you from India. In fact from Asia’s largest tech summit. I’ve seen companies in AI, quantum computing, cancer detection, and rocketry (India launches UK satellites btw), and today India had its first private rocket launch. Then there were companies in Advanced Manufacturing, advanced materials and of course cyber security (they do have […]

What Do Experts Say About Portfolio Allocation During High Inflation

We’re not alone – if it makes you feel better. Look at the Americans. Of course, you could argue that the market will help when rates are rising according to history: It’s no secret that inflation can have a significant impact on your portfolio. During times of high inflation, it can be difficult to maintain […]

The Hedge Funds Beating the Market This Year: What are their Secrets?


The stock markets are down drastically. But some hedge funds are performing well. Alpesh Patel OBE asks how are they managing it, and is there anything the private investor can learn or copy? I believe in copying. When I wanted to be a hedge fund manager, I interviewed, so I could copy some of the […]

Is a Stock Market Crash Coming? – Let’s Look at the Evidence

The stock market has declined substantially since 2022 began. It’s fallen more than I expected on January 1st. Whilst I waited each week for some upward momentum to deploy cash – that never came, instead monthly S&P500 MACD just accelerated lower. Whilst I needed to think quick (wish quicker) to look at energy and healthcare […]

Is ESG Investing Good or Bad for Your Pocket?

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing is a strategy that bets on companies trying to make the world a better place. Alpesh asks is this just another high-minded idealist fad? Or does the global good make it worth the risk? Type ESG into Sharescope or SharePad’s ETF list and you’ll find around a hundred funds. I […]

Alpesh Patel on US investing: Latest Smart Money Thinking on a Stock Market Crash

The S&P 500 has shed 500 points amid inflation fears. It’s been a punishing start to 2022. Alpesh Patel considers whether it is just a bump on the road or are we set for the stock market crash that some commentators have been predicting for years? Stock market turbulence throughout January has caused a significant […]

Alpesh Patel on US Investing: Time to Ditch the FAANGs? What About Small Caps?

The FAANGs — the name given to five of the best performing tech stocks, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google (now called Alphabet) — have produced fantastic returns for years. However, regulatory headwinds and a reopening economy have led some analysts to sound a note of caution. Is it time to ditch the Faangs? Over […]

State of the Stock Market – Over or Undervalued?

Stock market bubble

Since the post-pandemic stock market boom, analysts and experts have warned us that the market was overvalued. Some have gone even further and submitted that we’re in a bubble that is set to burst. However, prices keep rising, suggesting many investors believe there is still value to be found. So which is it? Is the […]

Time to Get Out of Tech Stocks? If So, Into What for Returns?

Tech stocks were strong performers last year. The pandemic meant that providers of remote services like Zoom Video Communications or Peloton Interactive experienced massive sales growths, while a whole host of cybersecurity and cloud hosting companies did well alongside the usual big players like Microsoft, Apple and Amazon. However, as the economy bounces back from the disruption of COVID-19, tech stocks have slumped.

Alpesh Patel on US Investing: Should We Buy Any Stock Market Dips?

The Five Waves Pattern Motive and Corrective

As the Dow Jones Index took a tumble at the end of February, many analysts saw this as the beginning of a long-overdue market correction. Some have floated talk of a stock market bubble for a while, but despite the challenging conditions of the last year, the market rebounded and finished out the year strongly. However, the dip on the 24th of February — which saw the index shed 1000 points — has led some traders to talk of an opportunity to cash in on the slide.

Alpesh Patel on US Investing: Is the US Stock Market Going to Crash?

After a dip caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020, the US stock market rallied back and closed out the year at an all-time high. This has continued throughout the start of 2021, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average now at over 31,000 points. But despite the vaccine rollout, unemployment and economic disruption […]

Alpesh Patel on US Investing: Beware! Overvalued Stock Market – What You Need to Know

Another captivating headline – this time from Forbes. So what are the facts, and why is it increasingly a stock pickers market, where if a rising tide doesn’t raise all boats, but instead the tide goes out, then we don’t want to be left standing without clothes on. The stock market has been on a […]

Alpesh Patel on US Investing: Stocks set to rally in 2021


“Goldman Sachs says these stocks are set to rally in 2021” It’s a captivating headline, isn’t it? Don’t worry; I’ll tell you which stocks in a moment and whether I agree with Goldman’s. And between Goldman’s history and my own, you might want to bet on me. The US market’s Dow Jones Industrial Average just […]

Alpesh Patel on US Investing: The Stocks that “Have It All”

Like humans, such perfection doesn’t exist in stocks. Like humans, fish in a big enough pond, and for a while, some get as close as possible. Are they the brands people love the most? Some research by MBLM suggests so. See these images: Wow, great performing companies, and they outgrow their peers. Plus, they are […]

Alpesh Patel on US Investing: 3 “Strong Buy” looking stocks set to move up

There is no shortage of stocks that are delivering triple digit returns. Scholar Rock, Miragen, Zedge, Socket Mobile – even Tupperware is up nearly 1,000%. Source: ShareScope – Alpesh Patel Special Edition (click on image to enlarge) The problem is hindsight is great, but each of these and the other climbers have huge problems in […]