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Monthly Fund Focus: What the future holds for UK & UK Funds, a look at SEIT and the price of Gold.

Our monthly funds roundup looks at why prospects for the UK economy and funds investing in our local markets might be looking up, the general election notwithstanding. We also repeat the bull case for gold and look at a model that suggests that gold could push closer to $2750 an ounce in an optimistic scenario. […]

Monthly Fund Focus: Hipgnosi, Private Equity and ArkInvest lands in UK

Our regular monthly funds column looks at the bidding battle at music royalties fund Hipgnosis, the new ETF platform from Cathie Woods Ark Invest for UK investors, a new rare earth equities tracker, and the potential for a rebound in the listed private equity funds space. Plus, a think tank takes aim at ISAs. Hipgnosis […]

Monthly Fund Focus: Gold ETFs & Funds, private equity and a Georgia update

The gold price has been perking up in recent weeks – is now the time to be looking at the wide array of gold-based funds, especially in this era of monetary inflation powered by big government? This month David also looks at whether the private equity market is improving, plus he shines the spotlight again […]

Monthly Fund Focus: 52-Week Discount List, Junior Miners ETF, Japanese Funds, D9

This month we track down the listed investment funds which are still trading near their 52-week discount peaks and take a closer look at the worst offender in this category – the Digital 9 Infrastructure trust which is on the receiving end of yet more bad news. Not all big discount funds are worth the […]

Monthly Fund Focus: Asset Class Idea, UK PLC Review, Leveraged Shares and Tech

In this month’s focus on funds, we take a quick look at asset class returns in 2023 courtesy of some wonderful heatmaps, we eavesdrop on a recent bank event at the state of UK PLC, and we examine an under-owned asset class that could be the verge of big things – local currency emerging markets […]

Monthly Funds focus: Wisdom Tree, L&G ETFs, Global X, Baker Steel Resources Trust

2023 was the year of AI and we end the year with a deep dive into the handful of AI-specific exchange-traded funds or ETFs listed on the London exchange. They all provide real diversification benefits but have lagged big well-known individual stocks such as Nvidia and Microsoft. We also have a deep dive into a […]

Monthly Funds focus: Bond ETFs, US Government Bonds, Quality funds on big discounts

Given the surge in bond yields over the last few weeks, the monthly funds’ article focuses on the opportunities within the bond ETF space, looking first at the universe of cheap UK sterling bond ETFs and then at a wild shot idea, a US Treasury bond ETF that has been an utter dog in recent […]

Monthly Funds focus: Cordiant Digital Infrastructure, US equities play

This months’ focus on funds explains why a peak in short-term government bond yields might presage a sudden turnaround in sentiment towards the listed infrastructure fund space. We also look at a stockmarket listed venture capital fund that is full of AI early-stage businesses but is valued at well below its book value by a […]

Monthly Funds focus: AI ETFs, New ETFs, Defense EFTs & BH Macro

This month our funds expert focuses on ETFs and the listed hedge fund BH Macro. He looks at why you’d be better off investing in a small handful AI related stocks rather than AI ETFS and also looks at two new defensive-oriented ETF trackers, with one focused on covered call options writing. He also investigates […]

Monthly Funds focus: Alternative emerging markets & UK Equity Income strategies

This month our funds expert outlines an alternative strategy for those investors looking for growth in global emerging markets – why focus on the big names of the EM space such as China and India, when you can invest in the next 1 billion potential consumers from 10 developing countries around the world? Back in […]

Monthly Funds focus: Industrials, Literacy Capital, Scottish Mortgage and RIT

In this months Funds Focus, David Stephenson looks at an Industrials play, Literacy Capital and whats going on at Scottish Mortgage and RIT. Capital spending has been booming in recent years. In 2021 and 2022 firms in the S&P 500 index of large American firms spent $2.5trn, equivalent to 5% of the country’s GDP, on […]

Deep discount value fund worth putting on your radar – Chrysalis Investments


If you are brave enough to be a growth investor – a tough vocation in the current climate – then I think at some stage you need to have some exposure to the world of private businesses, preferably fast-growing ones which might turn into tomorrow’s tech leviathans. The best way to get this exposure is […]

Monthly Funds focus: US MLPs, Invesco Morningstar US Energy Infrastructure MLP UCITS ETF Dist

This month we have three fund ideas based for readers. Our main focus is on how to pick the right global equities index tracking fund – ETFs that track FTSE vs MSCI! We also put US energy infrastructure on the radar, why the dollar might be weakening, and why a currency pair ETF might be […]

Monthly Funds focus: Literacy Capital, Cordiant Digital Infrastructure Ltd

This month another gaggle of four ideas for fund-oriented investors. I have included a short guide to buying US equity ETFs – as you can imagine there’s lots of choice and I think some of the less widely used indices are quite compelling. I also introduce what I think is a much more viable alternative […]

Monthly funds focus: Biopharma Credit, The all-singing discount play, Thematic ETFs

Welcome to my quick monthly round-up of interesting, listed funds, be they investment trusts (or closed funds, as they are sometimes called) or index tracking exchange traded funds (ETFs). To repeat earlier articles for SharePad, I’m still fairly bearish about prospects for global equity markets but I am starting to see some opportunities start to […]

Monthly funds focus: Hipgnosis Song Fund, Georgia Capital, Yellow Cake plus ETFs – VILX & ARKS

This month I have four new fund ideas for Sharepad susbcribers. As always, you can find out a lot more about these ideas via my regular newsletter at But for now, lets focus on some alternative investment ideas including both investment trusts and exchange traded funds (ETFs) – notably music royalty funds, investing in […]

New addition to Dynamic 35: JPMorgan Russian Securities

jp morgan

Our funds expert embraces his inner bear, focusing on a long-established and successful Russian investment fund. For those worried about the fragile US monetary order, or wanting to play the upside in energy prices, Russia is a great starting point. And valuations are cheap. Before we delve a little deeper into our new fund for […]

Dynamic 35 : Montanaro European Smaller Companies Trust

Our funds specialist returns with a star performer in the relatively unloved European equities space: Montanaro European Smaller Companies Trust. He reckons now is the time to focus on fast growing European small caps. This week I have a relatively short note for you, outlining why I think now might be an interesting moment to […]

My two ETF Growth Portfolios: January 2021 Update

Back in the middle of August I outlined two growth-oriented portfolios, comprising a gaggle of exchange traded funds. The first was a Global Trends portfolio, a collection of eight ETFs which aim to track a selection of key thematic big trends. To monitor performance, I established two live portfolios on the SharePad platform, with the […]

The Dynamic 35 : The Schroders Asian Total Return Trust

Traditionally most investors tend to regard the division between developed markets (DM) and emerging markets (EM) as a simple divide. We all put more money in the DM but then try and make sure we have some, smaller exposure, to the broad gaggle of national markets which represents the developing world or EM for short. […]

Prudent 15: Ecofin Global Utilities and Infrastructure Trust (EGL)

I do not think it is unfair to say that over the last decade we have seen a powerful shift in sentiment towards utility stocks, arguably in a very negative direction. For much of the last few decades, private investors could not get enough of these boring stocks. They paid out a generous dividend, seem […]

Dynamic 35: Hg Capital

A smarter way of buying into the right kind of private growth businesses It is an unfortunate truth that more and more high growth businesses are choosing to stay private and ignore the public markets. Collectively we investors, institutional and private have done our best to make life difficult for highly rated , fast growing […]

Prudent 15: BH Global

Kicking off with BH Global (BHGG) You can always read more about my views on funds at my blog I update this most days, especially useful during these volatile times when new investment opportunities emerge very quickly. I’m not going to bore readers with speculation about viruses and volatility but simply ask them to […]

Putting performance into perspective

Richard reads Fundsmith Equity Fund’s annual letter to fundholders and suggests a modest improvement that could change your perception of financial history. He also responds to reader’s queries about On The Beach, the company he profiled two weeks ago. If you are a fundholder in Fundsmith Equity Fund, then congratulations. You’ve just received fund manager […]