Author: Elric Langton

Riding the Lithium Rollercoaster: Navigating the Peaks and Troughs of the EV Revolution

As a seasoned observer and participant in the lithium market, I’ve navigated through its ebbs and flows with a blend of caution and opportunism. My investment strategy, focused on a basket of pre-commercial lithium juniors, was crafted with a long-term vision, fully aware of the turbulent waters of this sector, warned readers, for which I […]

Journeo PLC: Navigating the Road to Transport Innovation

Visiting an old friend in today’s fast-evolving tech landscape, few sectors remain as untouched by innovation as the world of transportation. At the helm of this transformation, one finds Journeo PLC (AIM: JNEO), a trailblazer in information systems and services explicitly curated for transport and local governments. The company’s recent accomplishment — a £2m purchase […]

AI Adoption in the World of Finance, ESG and Policing Greenwashing.

I have a modest financial investment in Insig AI. This article highlights various financial companies that have incorporated AI technology in their operations or provide a range of AI products, investment data, and governance. It is a mad world of corporate finance where AI has been playing a part for much longer than you may […]

Powertrain Transition – Are we Deluded?

I have written extensively about the forced transition from fossil-powered vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs). There is a lot to be said on the topic and from several market sectors, ranging from EV manufacturers, batteries, mining, recycling, and infrastructures, but what about the metals and the commodities? If you remain a lithium bull, then read […]

Poolbeg Pharma

Regular readers will be aware that I have areas of interest when it comes to research and investing. The past few years these areas have been in the human microbiome, greener energy, including more recently in the transition to electric vehicles and the manufacturers of powertrains, electric batteries inside these motor vehicles, and pharmaceuticals. Today’s […]

Electric-Vehicle Revolution Part IV

Lithium-ion Batteries, Recycling for Demand Between our obsession with mobile electronics and the growing popularity of electric vehicles, lithium-ion battery demand is growing at an astonishing rate. You may have noticed I have featured several articles these past months specifically on the evolution, of the ongoing transition from ICE vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs). Most […]

Small Company Champion: The Human Biome, a developing health frontier (Part 2)

Our second feature in this mini-series on the human microbiome explores skin health, which is far more complex as well as exciting in terms of addressing important skin health opportunities. In this feature Elric Langton looks at two very different British Companies, both leading the world in skin care products, and science. You can read […]

Is the EV market under threat already? Are these companies transitioning from ICE to EVs in danger, or is it just a case of adopting another energy source and cracking on?

Regular readers will be aware of my interest in the lithium and EV market trends. These trends are far from certain, so one needs to keep an eye on technology and other energy developments that could impact on these trends. In 2022 I have been quite bullish on several lithium mining Companies, as well as […]

Small Company Champion: The Human Biome, a developing health frontier

During the three decades of investing, I have always tried to adapt to the changing landscape of the equity markets. This has included the use of investment funds, tip sheets as well as following economic commentators, but I have a passion for doing my own research – not to pit myself against anyone, but myself. […]

How important is ESG to the global financial institutions, and global business and are we ready?

In this editorial, Elric of Small Company Champion discusses how ESG will impact our lives, our investments, and Corporates’ role in the implementation and consequences of attempts to bypass ESG and one Small Company that is helping fund managers navigate and build wealth through the use of AI.  Regular readers of Small Company Champion will […]

Small Company Champion: How to play the electric-vehicle revolution (Part 2)

Elric Langton continues his energy exploration in the second part of his look at the electric-vehicle revolution with the focus switching from battery manufacturers to miners. Hopefully, you have already read the first instalment of “how to play the electric-vehicle revolution,” which provided a broad spectrum of companies which I believe offer exciting long-term capital […]

Small Company Champion: How to play the electric-vehicle revolution

Elric Langton explores energy, a regular theme across the investment media and looks at different ways to play the green revolution through various companies. Energy is a regular theme across the investment media and, of course, the investment community. Two battlegrounds are being fought; the cost of energy, which, as we all know, is increasing […]

Rolls-Royce PLC | Investment in a greener future

As investors, we need to be nimble and embrace market developments wherever they may take us. Climate change, the topic of the moment, has sparked a cavalcade of “green” businesses that have caught my eye. My previous greener features include Insig AI (INSG), Kinovo (KINO), and *Powerhouse Energy (PHE) *before the valuation got silly. Rolls-Royce […]

Making strides in forex: Should you buy Argentex shares?

I am sure many readers will be familiar with the impact of COVID-19 on the foreign exchange market. Subjugated to the rises and falls of major economies, the foreign exchange market faced wrath like so many other industries. As unemployment reached unimaginable figures, remittances fell to tragic lows. The year 2020 is a year of […]

Equals Group PLC: Are they making a comeback?

equals group logo

  Equals Group Plc (EQLS) is a provider of international payment services. The company operates through the following segments: Currency Cards, International Payments, Travel Cash, Banking and Central. It develops a cloud-based person-to-person payments platform that enables personal and business customers to make payments in a range of currencies and countries. The company was founded […]