Month: July 2022

Is the EV market under threat already? Are these companies transitioning from ICE to EVs in danger, or is it just a case of adopting another energy source and cracking on?

Regular readers will be aware of my interest in the lithium and EV market trends. These trends are far from certain, so one needs to keep an eye on technology and other energy developments that could impact on these trends. In 2022 I have been quite bullish on several lithium mining Companies, as well as […]

Screening For My Next Long-Term Winner: Liontrust Asset Management (LSE: LIO)

Poor fund performances, sizeable client withdrawals and generally rough markets have left the shares of Liontrust Asset Management yielding 8%. Maynard Paton weighs up the fund manager’s pros and cons. Difficult market conditions have prompted yet another bout of ‘back to basics’ filtering. Introduced the other month to identify James Halstead, this screen short-lists companies […]

Weekly Market Commentary 25/07/22| SDI, RBGP, HOTC | The capital cycle

Bruce considers whether profit warnings in the insurance and adtech signal that too much capital has been chasing too few opportunities.  Sophisticated data models are no replacement for management turning cautious at the top of the cycle. Stocks covered SDI, RBGP and HOTC profit warning. The FTSE 100 recovered +1.6% last week to 7,276. Markets […]

Weekly Market Commentary 18/07/22| CKN, CRL, TM17| Brands warning on costs

Following the profit warnings from Fevertree and Creightons, Bruce questions the conventional wisdom that companies with strong brands do well in an inflationary environment.  Companies covered CKN, CRL, and TM17.  The FTSE 100 was down -1.6% last week to 7,082. The Nasdaq100 and S&P500 were down -2.95% and -2.8% respectively. The 2yr – 10yr yield […]

The Hedge Funds Beating the Market This Year: What are their Secrets?


The stock markets are down drastically. But some hedge funds are performing well. Alpesh Patel OBE asks how are they managing it, and is there anything the private investor can learn or copy? I believe in copying. When I wanted to be a hedge fund manager, I interviewed, so I could copy some of the […]

New UK IPOs 13/07/22 |Georgina Energy plc, LifeSafe Holdings plc, Spiritus Mundi plc|

As per usual, we will inquire into recent and upcoming investment opportunities listed on the London Stock Exchange. The three companies covered in the current article are: Georgina Energy plc LifeSafe Holdings plc Spiritus Mundi plc Georgina Energy plc  Opening Date: Late July 2022 Issue Price: TBC Market Cap: TBC Ticker: TBC At the helm: […]

Weekly Market Commentary 11/07/22| PRV, EQLS, AGFX| The seeds have been planted

Bruce looks at the BoE twice-yearly Financial Stability Report and wonders if the regulator is too sanguine about the risks of stagflation. Companies covered PRV, the industrial filtration company, and forex/payments companies EQLS and AGFX. The FTSE 100 was flat at 7,162, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq100 were up +2.0% and +4.5% respectively. That stock […]

The Trader: Trading the markets is a daily psychological battle.

In this article, Michael looks at 8 trading biases and how to mitigate these. It’s comparable to a video game. You press certain buttons to make certain things happen because you want a certain result. The better you press the buttons, the higher your score. Only in this game, the score is not meaningless. It’s […]

Weekly Market Commentary 04/07/22|SHOE, WISE, DDDD |Containership contango

Bruce sees more trouble on the horizon for the retail sector, fearing heavy discounting of unsold inventory later this year.  Stocks covered SHOE, WISE and a post-mortem on DDDD. The FTSE 100 was down -0.6% last week to 7,160. The Nasdaq100 and S&P500 fell -1.66% and -0.27% respectively. The US 10Y Government bond fell back […]