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Prudent 15: BH Global

Kicking off with BH Global (BHGG) You can always read more about my views on funds at my blog I update this most days, especially useful during these volatile times when new investment opportunities emerge very quickly. I’m not going to bore readers with speculation about viruses and volatility but simply ask them to […]

Dynamic 35: Syncona

The genomics revolution and the appeal of Syncona It’s easy to get carried away with the short to medium term noise coming out of stock markets. The corona virus has sent investors in the developed world heading for the exit. But in truth some sectors of the giant ‘technology’ sector were already beginning to suffer […]

Dynamic 35: Scottish Mortgage

I must say I’m very excited to be writing for SharePad and ShareScope. I’ve been an avid user of both for more than 10 years and I know that both products are widely used by smart investors who want to a more in-depth analysis of stocks and funds. Many of you will know me from […]