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How important is ESG to the global financial institutions, and global business and are we ready?

In this editorial, Elric of Small Company Champion discusses how ESG will impact our lives, our investments, and Corporates’ role in the implementation and consequences of attempts to bypass ESG and one Small Company that is helping fund managers navigate and build wealth through the use of AI.  Regular readers of Small Company Champion will […]

Small Company Champion: How to play the electric-vehicle revolution (Part 2)

Elric Langton continues his energy exploration in the second part of his look at the electric-vehicle revolution with the focus switching from battery manufacturers to miners. Hopefully, you have already read the first instalment of “how to play the electric-vehicle revolution,” which provided a broad spectrum of companies which I believe offer exciting long-term capital […]

Small Company Champion: How to play the electric-vehicle revolution

Elric Langton explores energy, a regular theme across the investment media and looks at different ways to play the green revolution through various companies. Energy is a regular theme across the investment media and, of course, the investment community. Two battlegrounds are being fought; the cost of energy, which, as we all know, is increasing […]

Rolls-Royce PLC | Investment in a greener future

As investors, we need to be nimble and embrace market developments wherever they may take us. Climate change, the topic of the moment, has sparked a cavalcade of “green” businesses that have caught my eye. My previous greener features include Insig AI (INSG), Kinovo (KINO), and *Powerhouse Energy (PHE) *before the valuation got silly. Rolls-Royce […]

Making strides in forex: Should you buy Argentex shares?

I am sure many readers will be familiar with the impact of COVID-19 on the foreign exchange market. Subjugated to the rises and falls of major economies, the foreign exchange market faced wrath like so many other industries. As unemployment reached unimaginable figures, remittances fell to tragic lows. The year 2020 is a year of […]