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Weekly Market Commentary | 20/02/2024 | GNS, ANIC | Yo Adrian, I did it

This week, Jamie discusses a solution to using return on capital employed when the capital employed part of the equation is missing. He does so through the lens of ARM Holdings, which became the third-largest UK company by market capitalisation last week. You have to feel somewhat for whoever compiled and proofread the trading update […]

Weekly Market Commentary | 13/02/2024 | RSW, DCC, BDEV | Rent vs. Own

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This week, Jamie talks about two types of equity investment those which should be held with the intention of an indefinite horizon and those that are expected to be sold. He then compares three companies, two of which he thinks should be long term holds and the other one only to be traded. The commentary […]

Weekly Market Commentary | 06/02/2024 | SDY, SDRY | Where there’s muck there’s brass

Jamie Ward takes over this week’s Weekly Market Commentary. Companies covered: SDY & SDRY. After a prolonged period of unpredictable economic data, most of the big releases last week were either in line with expectations or slightly better. Most of it wasn’t good in an absolute sense but taken as a snapshot, last week’s figures […]

Christmas Commentary | 29/12/23 | DWHT/DWHA | Google is your friend | Screening for Bargains

This week, Jamie Ward briefly talks about the latest update from Dewhurst. He then demonstrates that markets are frequently not efficient by reviewing the performance of a couple of the COVID winners to see if it can inform future investment decisions. Finally, he shows how to use Sharepad to screen for businesses that attempt to […]

Weekly Market Commentary | 28/11/2023 | DPLM, SRC, CRH | Trust Your Process

This week, Jamie Ward talks about why missing out on some great investments might not be a bad thing, especially when thinking of the wider context where you may have invested in something better. He believes that having a process is far more important than whether you did or did not buy a security and […]

Weekly Market Commentary | 21/11/2023 | DCC, OCN | Low-Cost Mediocrity

This week, Jamie Ward returns to talk about how passive investing is logical but isn’t really investing. He also posits that passive investment cannot exist without active investment but the reverse is not true. Companies covered: DCC, OCN.  US inflation data set the tone for markets last week. The previous readings for US core and […]

Weekly Market Commentary | 14/11/2023 | DGE, BEZ, WRKS | Excessive Ebullience

While away on an Australian retreat, Bruce asked ex-fund manager and private investor Jamie Ward to manage his weekly commentary for the upcoming weeks. Jamie takes a look into Diego DGE, Beazley BEZ and The Works WRKS. Markets had a poor end to an otherwise rather uneventful week. This resulted in equity markets being down […]

Weekly Market Commentary | 7/11/23 | AML, ULTP, HEIQ | The bids keep coming

With two more bids coming in for small-cap stocks, Bruce looks at the average premiums being offered by buyers. Companies covered: AML, ULTP and HEIQ.   The FTSE 100 was up +1.3% to 7,426 last week. Meanwhile, there was a very strong rally in the US markets with Nasdaq100 +6.4% and the S&P500 up +5.9%. […]

Roll-out, Roll-up and public market arbitrage | SBRY, PRZ, COST, DCC, MRL, BREE

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Jamie Ward takes a detailed walk through two expansion strategies and outlines the types of company and sectors where investors are likely to find these strategies as well as highlighting how to spot companies using them well. Two common ways for profitable growth for many companies can be summarised as roll-out and roll-up. Roll-out is […]

Beazley PLC | Property & casualty insurance and diversification (LSE : BEZ)

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The task of investors is to find businesses that have created value, have a good chance of doing so in the future and are run by honest actors. This task is complicated by certain sectors where businesses don’t ‘look’ like most businesses. Jamie Ward returns with a look at Insurance through the lens of one […]

Weekly Market Commentary 14/02/22 |PZC, K3C, SOLI| Never says “never banks” again?

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Bruce suggests that while long term “expensive quality” investments have become increasingly popular as discount rates have fallen, a natural hedge for such a portfolio is bank shares, which could now benefit as rates rise with inflation. The FTSE 100 was up +2% to 7,617 last week. The S&P500 and Nasdaq100 were flat. The real […]

Weekly Market Commentary 07/02/22 |RSW, JHD, JOUL| Quality can’t be quantified…

While he is away skiing, Bruce asked ex-fund manager (with 16 years experience) and private Investor Jamie Ward to manage his weekly commentary this week. Jamie looks at the best things about being a private investor compared to being in the Square Mile as well as results from three companies that at some points in […]

Weekly Market Commentary | 27/02/2024 | BARC, HL., LOK, ARC | Where are all the shareholders’ yachts?

Bruce looks at an old equity research note from 1993 and ponders if in some sectors customers receive a better deal than shareholders. Companies covered BARC, HL., LOK, ARC The FTSE 100 fell -0.6% last week to 7,683. The Nasdaq100 and S&P500 were up +0.5% and +1.7% respectively. The excitement was provided by Nvidia results, […]

Weekly Market Commentary | 19/12/2023 | AJB, HL., CHRT, MSI | Central Banks turn dovish

With Central Banks turning dovish, Bruce looks for the 16 / 64 day moving average crossover to call the turn to a more bullish market in 2024. Stocks covered investment platforms AJB, HL. plus defence stocks CHRT and MSI. The FTSE 100 rose +1% to 7617 last week. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq100 and S&P500 were up […]

Electric-Vehicle Revolution Part IV

Lithium-ion Batteries, Recycling for Demand Between our obsession with mobile electronics and the growing popularity of electric vehicles, lithium-ion battery demand is growing at an astonishing rate. You may have noticed I have featured several articles these past months specifically on the evolution, of the ongoing transition from ICE vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs). Most […]

Weekly Market Commentary 17/10/22 |AT., BDEV, DARK|Raising rates into a recession


Two very different US financial personalities believe that US interest rates are rising too fast.  No doubt bankers and fund managers are talking their own book, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong.  Stocks covered AT., BDEV, DARK  The FTSE 100 failed to consolidate above 7,000 and was down -3.8% last week. The Nasdaq100 was down […]

Weekly Market Commentary 28/02/22 | NWG, LLOY, BARC, HSBA | Banking on Price to Book

Bruce looks at UK banks’ FY Dec 2021 results and draws out some themes on revenue, profitability, “one off items”, competition, interest rates and price / book valuation.  The FTSE 100 sold off sharply last week down -4% on Thursday last week. US markets were more sanguine with the S&P500 down -1.4% and the Nasdaq100 […]

Weekly Commentary 18/10/21: The Eagle has Crash Landed

With the FTSE 100 reaching 7235 last week, the index finally seems to have broken out of the trading range that it has occupied since May. The index’s all time high is 7,903 reached in 2018. ITM, the hydrogen company raised £250m through an over-subscribed placing at a 16% discount. There’s still plenty to worry […]

Weekly Commentary 19/07/21: $7trillion price of stability

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The Bank of England released its twice yearly Financial Stability Report last week. The report says that UK bank balance sheets are in much better shape than the 2007-8 crisis and they expect impairments in 2021 to be lower than the £22bn credit losses taken last year. The “guardrails” against shareholder dividends have now been […]

Weekly Commentary: 04/11/19 – Profiting from Folly and Disaster

Profiting from Folly and Disaster Old fashioned companies such as TP ICAP have started putting strong trading statement out which is strange times indeed. This is an old-fashioned voice broker of financial products. The staff are renowned for loud and boisterous traditional city behaviour which resulted in a £15m settlement with the regulator for their […]