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Eight Common Investing Mistakes Made by Private Investors

“Investing success is two-thirds avoiding mistakes, one-third doing something right.”- Ken Fisher Private investing offers the opportunity for individuals to take control of their finances and even achieve financial freedom. However, without proper knowledge and preparation, private investors can unknowingly make mistakes that hinder their portfolio investment returns. Of course, because we are human, it […]

Private Investing: Choosing your first investments in company shares

For some people, the thought of picking their own shares can be a little bit daunting. Rest assured, it doesn’t have to be. Whilst it is best to do at least a little bit of homework before you part with your hard-earned cash, successful investing does not require a high IQ or lots of specialist […]

Private Investing: A brief guide to tax-efficient saving in Isas and Sipps

Tax-efficient savings accounts such as individual savings accounts (Isas) and self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) are the best option for most savers and investors. Here’s what you need to know. Isas Isas are tax-free savings accounts. This means that you are not liable for tax on any income you receive – such as interest or dividends […]

Private Investing: Why the free tools on your broker’s website aren’t good enough

If you already have an Isa or Sipp account, you’ll have access to your broker’s free website. This probably provides you with investment data about funds and shares and will also let you see how your investments are doing. Why subscribe to SharePad when you can get all that for free? Well, it is debatable […]

Private Investing: How you can beat the fund managers


If you are new to private investing, it’s very easy to think “How can I compete with professional fund managers? Surely, I am better off investing my money in their funds and letting them make the decisions”. This article from esteemed investment writer Phil Oakley shows you how. So, are you better off investing all […]

The Top Portfolio Mistakes We’ve Seen from Our Analysis

Prepare to be captivated, as I unravel the troubling discoveries I made after analysing dozens of investment portfolios sent to me via my Campaign for a Million to educate a million people to be better investors. Biggest errors 1. Over-diversification: The curse of too many funds A prevalent issue was over-diversification, resulting in subpar performance. […]

Rediscovering the father of value investing | Benjamin Graham

Reading by the fire

Richard warms the cockles of his heart in front of a digital fire, while reading his favourite investment book… Christmas is approaching, and I must confess to a new and slightly eccentric guilty pleasure. In addition to mince pies and Irish Coffee, I have taken to working (from home of course) in front of an […]

Diary of an 18-year-old investor: Portfolio update and trading system

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A big thank you for the very helpful comments left for me following my last blog. It is really encouraging to read members’ experiences, advice and opinions. Also, it’s good to know someone is reading the blog! Thanks to Frank for his good book recommendations. I have ordered two of the books to hopefully start […]

Diary of a 17-year-old investor: Portfolio update and more books

I’m back at school and in my last year, studying for my A levels. It has been great having time during the summer break to read some new books. What I’ve been reading Tom Dorsey’s – Point & Figure Charting I started with a book from Tom Dorsey, kindly recommended to me by Michael Taylor […]

What is investing?

Why do people invest their money rather than just save? It’s not just about growing your savings so that you will have more money in the future. It’s about growing the buying power of your money. You want the £1 that you are investing today to buy more things in the future than it does […]