Month: May 2022

Weekly Market Commentary 30/05/22| AIM, KNOS, RNT, MORE| Analysing the de-rating

Bruce looks at how the market has de-rated on a price to sales metric since Q4 last year. But there are still 111 AIM shares trading on more than 10x revenue.  Companies this week KNOS, MORE and RTN. The FTSE 100 rose +2.5% to 7569 last week. The S&P500 +4% and the Nasdaq100 +3.4% both […]

JDG V SDI: The Battle of Buy and Build

Shortly after Judges Scientific makes its biggest-ever acquisition, Richard sets out to discover whether the pasture is greener over at SDI, a smaller listed business that does much the same thing: buys and builds companies that make scientific instruments. If I were to use one measure to compare highly acquisitive businesses it would be Return […]

Weekly Market Commentary 23/05/22| OWIL, EQLS, FUTR, MONY| The value of amnesia

Bruce ponders the ingredients required to precipitate a systemic crisis, and why memories are so short in financial services.     The FTSE 100 was flat at 7413 over the last 5 days. US markets had a more difficult week with the S&P500 -0.75% and Nasdaq100 -0.60%. The S&P500 is approaching bear market territory down […]

Is a Stock Market Crash Coming? – Let’s Look at the Evidence

The stock market has declined substantially since 2022 began. It’s fallen more than I expected on January 1st. Whilst I waited each week for some upward momentum to deploy cash – that never came, instead monthly S&P500 MACD just accelerated lower. Whilst I needed to think quick (wish quicker) to look at energy and healthcare […]

New UK IPOs 18/05/22 |EnSilica plc, GS Chain plc, Kendrick Resources plc|

In this article, we will delve into some of the latest and upcoming investment opportunities listed on the LSE, namely, the direct listing of GS Chain plc and the IPOs of EnSilica plc and Kendrick Resources plc. EnSilica plc Opening date late May 2022 Issue Price TBC Market Cap TBC Ticker TBC At the helm […]

Weekly Market Commentary 16/05/22 |WATR, CCT, TET| Come on Eileen

With the BoE now suggesting inflation peaks at 10% later this year, Bruce goes back to 1982 when Dexys Midnight Runners were topping the charts to compare household indebtedness then v now. Stocks covered WATR, CCT and TET. The FTSE 100 fell -1.3% to 7286 last week. The Nasdaq100 was down -7% and the S&P500 […]

The Trader: Introducing two new filters for times of pain

Michael introduces two new filters to get ahead in difficult times through advance notices of potential breakouts and breakdowns. It pays to be bullish. History has shown us that over a long enough period of time being bullish on stocks has been a winning strategy. Economies grow, new technologies are invented, and value is created. […]

Weekly Market Commentary 09/05/22 |LUCE, RCH, SFOR, LTG| Lazy formulas

Bruce looks at how successful formulas, if copied without thought, can become lazy thinking.  He looks at a profit warnings from last week LUCE and RCH.  Plus a couple of acquisitive “roll-ups” which the auditors delayed signing off the results: SFOR and LTG. The FTSE was down -0.9% at to 7,443 last week. The US […]

Small Company Champion: How to play the electric-vehicle revolution (Part 2)

Elric Langton continues his energy exploration in the second part of his look at the electric-vehicle revolution with the focus switching from battery manufacturers to miners. Hopefully, you have already read the first instalment of “how to play the electric-vehicle revolution,” which provided a broad spectrum of companies which I believe offer exciting long-term capital […]

Weekly Market Commentary 03/05/22 |ZOO, SWG, SMV| An infinite puzzle with no edge

Bruce discusses the concept of “edge” – now that we all have access to the same information, how can anyone enjoy an advantage? Companies covered this week ZOO, SWG, SMV. The FTSE 100 was flat at 7,516 over the last week. The Nasdaq100 and S&P500 were down -2% and -2.4% over the same time period. […]