Jason Needham

Jason comes from an investing family and started investing from an early age after the introduction of PEPs (personal equity plan) in the UK during the 1980’s. After a couple of decades investing through funds Jason made the move to single stocks focusing on small to mid cap growth stocks to ride big trends and larger main market shares to catch shorter swing style moves. The methods used are primarily end of day methodologies. Jason shares content via www.tradingbases.co.uk and takes you on a daily market screening routine that keeps you in tune with what the markets are doing and which stocks and sectors are trending. It’s an educational journey every day where over time you will learn how stocks actually trade and how to build a playbook around them. Jason will focus on classical charting, position sizing, risk management, trade management, daily process and market trends. He will show you how he finds the best growth stocks by introducing you to growth trends and the real fundamentals that move growth stocks. 

Using Volume to Help Make Better Informed Investment Decisions

In this article, I’m going to cover how I use volume to assist my trading and investment decisions. I will cover multiple timeframes to see who is in control of price action and whether those that are in control of the price action are distributing or accumulating positions as a group. I will look at

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Big Winners (Outliers) & the 80 – 20 Rule

In this article, I’m going to jump straight into the business end of where the money is made when you’re right. I’ll run through three methods of managing a winning position; from a defensive stance of de-risking or top-slicing the position, to an aggressive approach of adding to the position as it rises. It’s not

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Trading Psychology Pitfalls of a Systematic Approach

Below is a list of common trading psychology problems that I’ve compiled from my own trading journey. I see them as the main problems that would affect the results of my own systematic approach or delay the learning process by chasing red herrings. I have had to overcome all of them over the years though

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Tuning Out Of The Day to Day Noise| Big picture levels

In this article I want to run through some interesting areas I’m seeing in the markets by zooming out of the day-to-day noise to get a more meaningful big picture viewpoint. Big Picture Levels The markets are currently in a correction that is testing our patience, sit-out power, and also giving our risk management a

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reverse volatility base tightening base

How to identify breakout stocks | The effects of overhead supply.

In this article I will dig a little deeper into buying breakout stocks and identifying stock breakout signals. I will share with you what I look for in a breakout from a technical, fundamental, risk-to-reward and time-to-reward viewpoint. This article will include elements from all my previous ShareScope articles (which you can read here), which

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Lessons from the Trend (Part 2): Moving Averages

In this article I will continue focusing on primary and secondary trends but this time I will use moving averages to define market phases. You can also view Part 1 of this article Lessons from the Trend (Part 1): Breakouts for more primary trend details that relate to what we are talking about here. For

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