Month: April 2021

Screening For My Next Long-Term Winner: Venture Life

Venture Life subsidiary Dentyl

I like companies that boast significant net cash. My reasons include: Limited risk of funding difficulties should trouble strike; Management might be sensible by holding ‘rainy day’ money; The cash position may have resulted from superb profit generation, and; The share price could be less volatile (especially if the cash position represents a large part […]

Why Chasing Dividends in Stock Investments is a Bad Idea

Dividend investing vs growth investing

What defines a worthy stock for investment or retirement income? Unfortunately, for many investors, the answer is a stock that pays dividends. While dividends are a factor (among many) that can be used to judge a stock, it isn’t necessarily the most important or profitable determination to make when investing. Furthermore, the world’s greatest investor […]

Reversals & Recovery Stocks: Price Action Reversals

Active Low – Higher Low – Higher High. Bullish Reversal

In this article I’ll be looking at trend reversals with a focus on price action. I’ll break down the meaningful timeframes that add weight to primary trend reversals and also zoom in a little to highlight secondary trend reversals. Price Action Reversals Listed below are the three types of price action trend reversals in order […]

Time to Get Out of Tech Stocks? If So, Into What for Returns?

Tech stocks were strong performers last year. The pandemic meant that providers of remote services like Zoom Video Communications or Peloton Interactive experienced massive sales growths, while a whole host of cybersecurity and cloud hosting companies did well alongside the usual big players like Microsoft, Apple and Amazon. However, as the economy bounces back from […]