Month: March 2021

Alpesh Patel on funds: Poor Performing Funds Destroying Billions from Your Retirement

It has been a difficult few years for UK investment fund managers. Between the debacle of the Woodford Equity Income Fund and the COVID-19 pandemic, “star” funds that promised so much have led only to disappointment for investors. Investors looking to find the right home for their pension, SIPP, or ISA have a decision to […]

Screening For My Next Long-Term Winner: Best of the Best

One of my favourite SharePad screens identifies good-quality companies that have grown without acquisition. I first used the screen to identify Medica by using the following filter criteria: 1) Positive five-year turnover and operating profit growth; 2) A minimum 15% for both return on equity and operating margin; 3) Net borrowing of no more than […]

Weekly Commentary: 08/03/21 – Baillie Gifford v Albert Bridge

Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, the Tesla owning £15bn technology fund was down 9% last week. There’s a fun argument going on in the opinion section of the FT, between Lawrence “usually a mistake to sell” Burns of Baillie Gifford and Andrew “take profits” Dickson of Albert Bridge Capital. The Baillie Gifford (responsible for Tesla owning […]

Alpesh Patel on US Investing: Should We Buy Any Stock Market Dips?

As the Dow Jones Index took a tumble at the end of February, many analysts saw this as the beginning of a long-overdue market correction. Some have floated talk of a stock market bubble for a while, but despite the challenging conditions of the last year, the market rebounded and finished out the year strongly. […]