Elric Langton

Elric Langton is the editor of Small Company Champion & Lemming Investor Research Newsletter. 

Elric’s investment journey spans three decades. The primary goal is to discover and research tomorrows Companies ahead of the wider market as well researching and commenting on Zulu-Esq type Companies. I like to keep it simple, because I recognise time is at a premium in todays hectic world.  My editorial journey started in 2003. I have been interviews CEOs of fledgling Companies for the past six years. 

Journeo PLC: Navigating the Road to Transport Innovation

Visiting an old friend in today’s fast-evolving tech landscape, few sectors remain as untouched by innovation as the world of transportation. At the helm of this transformation, one finds Journeo PLC (AIM: JNEO), a trailblazer in information systems and services explicitly curated for transport and local governments. The company’s recent accomplishment — a £2m purchase

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Rolls-Royce Flying – Could Power Ahead Further

Aerospace and Defence Giant Rolls-Royce Bounces Back with Impressive Interim Performance. This is excellent news for investors and me too, as I did suggest better times ahead for the renowned aerospace and defence company when I featured it for Sharescope back in January 2022. The share price was in a tailspin for a while, dropping

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AI Adoption in the World of Finance, ESG and Policing Greenwashing.

I have a modest financial investment in Insig AI. This article highlights various financial companies that have incorporated AI technology in their operations or provide a range of AI products, investment data, and governance. It is a mad world of corporate finance where AI has been playing a part for much longer than you may

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Powertrain Transition – Are we Deluded?

I have written extensively about the forced transition from fossil-powered vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs). There is a lot to be said on the topic and from several market sectors, ranging from EV manufacturers, batteries, mining, recycling, and infrastructures, but what about the metals and the commodities? If you remain a lithium bull, then read

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Electric Vehicle Adopting Pending Crisis

During 2021 & 2022, I have spent much of my time researching and scaling into a selected group of Companies with exposure to the Electric Vehicle (EV) market. As a result, I have a mini portfolio of lithium miners, battery recyclers, and battery manufacturers in the EV supply chain and lithium miners. However, I am

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Poolbeg Pharma

Regular readers will be aware that I have areas of interest when it comes to research and investing. The past few years these areas have been in the human microbiome, greener energy, including more recently in the transition to electric vehicles and the manufacturers of powertrains, electric batteries inside these motor vehicles, and pharmaceuticals. Today’s

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Electric-Vehicle Revolution Part IV

Lithium-ion Batteries, Recycling for Demand Between our obsession with mobile electronics and the growing popularity of electric vehicles, lithium-ion battery demand is growing at an astonishing rate. You may have noticed I have featured several articles these past months specifically on the evolution, of the ongoing transition from ICE vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs). Most

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Electric-vehicle revolution part III

Elric looks at the market trend for EVs, the ever-changing battery technology, battery options, and more. The problems ahead are a far more complex and endeavour than one may imagine, making it a tricky area for investors to navigate. Regular readers will be aware I have written at length on the Electric Vehicle (EV) transition

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Is the EV market under threat already? Are these companies transitioning from ICE to EVs in danger, or is it just a case of adopting another energy source and cracking on?

Regular readers will be aware of my interest in the lithium and EV market trends. These trends are far from certain, so one needs to keep an eye on technology and other energy developments that could impact on these trends. In 2022 I have been quite bullish on several lithium mining Companies, as well as

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