Month: April 2020

In search of the cash kings

While the stock market and the pandemic may have stabilised, I’m still thinking about financially strong firms. We never know when the next shock will happen, and a cash cushion gives us confidence a company will make it through when revenue melts away. I spent the last two articles experimenting with filters to find financially […]

Prudent 15: Ruffer Investment Company

The Ruffer Investment Company – big bets on a global new normal “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen” Lenin Generally, I have a very dismissive attitude towards the idea of absolute returns funds. The concept sounds alluring, whereas the delivery tends to be fairly dismal. The key idea […]

Filtering for financial fortresses

The conclusion of my last article on finding companies with strong finances contained two caveats. Companies with seasonal cash flows can look like they have strong finances at the end of the financial year, when they report, but be weaker at other times during the financial year. Also, strong finances are not necessarily the result […]

Dynamic 35: Augmentum

A big bet on Fintech worth taking at this price – Augmentum OK, I’m not going to beat around the bush. l readily concede that now is not a great time, all things considered, to be talking about investing in a high-risk venture capital fund that invests in equally high risk private European fintech firms, […]

Putting safety first

Funny thing (peculiar, not ha! ha!). Search SharePad news for the phrase “strong balance sheet” and there are dozens of companies every day confirming their finances are strong as they reflect on the prospect of reduced, or in some cases, no revenue for a while. Search SharePad news for the phrase “weak balance sheet” though […]