Month: December 2021

Weekly Commentary 29/12/21: Performance and distributions

Bruce assess his performance for 2021, and notes that he would have been better off doing nothing. He also looks at the skewed return distribution of returns of AIM shares, plus 2 companies that reported positive news last week. The FTSE 100 reached 7,400 on Christmas Eve, up +14% this year, versus the AIM All […]

Rediscovering the father of value investing | Benjamin Graham

Reading by the fire

Richard warms the cockles of his heart in front of a digital fire, while reading his favourite investment book… Christmas is approaching, and I must confess to a new and slightly eccentric guilty pleasure. In addition to mince pies and Irish Coffee, I have taken to working (from home of course) in front of an […]

Diary of an 18-year-old investor: Portfolio update and trading system

word image 36

A big thank you for the very helpful comments left for me following my last blog. It is really encouraging to read members’ experiences, advice and opinions. Also, it’s good to know someone is reading the blog! Thanks to Frank for his good book recommendations. I have ordered two of the books to hopefully start […]

Screening For My Next Long-Term Winner: Ashmore

Ashmore PLC

Terrific margins, plenty of cash, a reliable dividend and a modest rating could make Ashmore a decent QARP stock. Maynard Paton studies the fund manager and discovers how lower charges have limited past growth. Shares offering ‘Quality At a Reasonable Price’ have been hard to find during the last few years. But recent market conditions […]

Weekly Commentary 13/12/21: Epicycles and shared illusion

The FTSE 100 was up +2.7% to 7,321, recovering last week as early news out of South Africa suggested that fewer patients with the new variant were on ventilators. Both the Nasdaq100 and S&P500 were up +2.8%. The US 10y Govt bond yield rose from 1.35% to 1.52% (ie Government bonds sold off as financial […]

New and upcoming UK IPOs: Windward, 4GLOBAL, Ondine, LADbible

We will be focusing on recent and upcoming UK IPOs listed on the LSE and what they do. The investment opportunities covered are Windward Ltd., 4GLOBAL PLC, Ondine Biomedical Inc. and LADbible Group Media. Windward Ltd. Opening date 06 December 2021 Issue price 155p Market cap £163.28m Ticker WNWD At the helm Ami Daniel Daniel […]

Bytes: Which is the best IT reseller?

Recent flotation Bytes Technology has joined bigger rivals Softcat and Computacenter on the stock market. Richard wants to know what it does differently. In my last article I introduced Marks Electrical, a company that had recently floated that might be an exception that proves the rule that Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) make terrible investments. The […]