Author: Bernice Ng

New UK IPOs 16/02/22 | Artemis Resources Ltd ARV, Clean Power Hydrogen plc CPH2, Hercules Site Services plc HERC, Strip Tinning Holdings plc STG

This article will cover four recent IPOs listed on the LSE and what they do. These include: Artemis Resources Ltd. Clean Power Hydrogen plc Hercules Site Services plc Strip Tinning Holdings plc Artemis Resources Ltd. Opening date 7 February 2022 Issue price 3.75p Market cap £52mil Ticker ARV At the helm Mark Potter Potter serves […]

New and upcoming UK IPOs 2022 | i(x) Net Zero, Superdielectrics, ATOME Energy, Recycling Technologies, Carbon Air, Facilities by ADF

In this article, we will be looking at 6 recent and upcoming UK IPOs listed on the LSE, including: i(x) Net Zero PLC Superdielectrics Group PLC ATOME Energy PLC ATOM Recycling Technologies Group Ltd RTG Carbon Air Group PLC Facilities by ADF PLC ADF i(x) Net Zero PLC Opening date Late January 2022 Issue price […]

New and upcoming UK IPOs: Windward, 4GLOBAL, Ondine, LADbible

We will be focusing on recent and upcoming UK IPOs listed on the LSE and what they do. The investment opportunities covered are Windward Ltd., 4GLOBAL PLC, Ondine Biomedical Inc. and LADbible Group Media. Windward Ltd. Opening date 06 December 2021 Issue price 155p Market cap £163.28m Ticker WNWD At the helm Ami Daniel Daniel […]

New UK IPOs October 2021: Oxford Nanopore, Made Tech, Peel Hunt, GreenRoc Mining, Net Zero


We take a look at 5 new IPOS listed on the LSE over the past few weeks, including: Oxford Nanopore Technologies ONT Made Tech MTEC Peel Hunt PEEL GreenRoc Mining GROC Net Zero Infrastructure NZI OXFORD NANOPORE TECHNOLOGIES Opening date 30 September 2021 Issue price 425p Market cap £4.5bn Ticker ONT At the helm Dr […]

Trading with Golden Crosses: Easy win or easy loss?

I should start by saying that I am no technical analysis whiz, and this article will likely bore those with an encyclopaedic knowledge of buy/sell signals and chart shapes (cup and handle, anyone?). I got into investing after I started working at ShareScope, and I desperately wanted it to be easy. Technical analysis seemed like […]

5 Upcoming IPOs UK | July 2021: BiVictriX Therapeutics, Big Technologies, GENinCode, Microlise, Zenova

We take a look at 5 upcoming IPOs and recent IPOS listed on the LSE over the next few weeks, including: 1 BIG TECHNOLOGIES 2 GENINCODE 3 MICROLISE GROUP 4 BIVICTRIX THERAPEUTICS 5 ZENOVA GROUP Big Technologies IPO Expected opening date Late July 2021 Expected issue price TBC Expected market cap £500m Ticker TBC At […]