How do YOU SharePad?

In the latest and first video version in the series, we have very experienced investor and Convener in Signet, Ray Williams sharing a bit about his investing history and how he uses SharePad.

As we all know, there is a lot of functionality in SharePad and there are many different ways to use and customise it. Our last customer survey showed us almost 70% of you use SharePad every day.

Inspired by this and some social posts from long-term subscribers who talked about their daily SharePad routine, we thought we would put a series together to celebrate the different ways you, our subscribers use SharePad. You can find our previous editions via the links below:

Ramin Nakisa (@PensionCraft)

Patxi (@patcat68) & WheelieDealer

Steve Markus (@smarkus) & Michael Taylor (@shiftingshares)

Richard Beddard & Riva

Stock Whittler (@dosh100) & Sue from East Anglia

If you have your own routine you would like to share, or some interesting custom settings, layouts or screening filters – we would love to hear about you and them! Just send them in to When we publish them, we’ll even add a free month to your account!


If you need to adjust the video quality – click on the settings button (the cog symbol) in the bottom right corner of the video, select the Quality option and make sure you are on the highest available.

1 comment on How do YOU SharePad?

  1. Well done Ray.
    A braver man than I am Gungadin.
    The answers seemed curtailed by the editing but I could be wrong.
    Colin Farrier

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