Month: May 2020

Getting to grips with software companies

First, an admission. The software biz is a bit of a mystery to me. There’s a vast ecosystem of enterprise solutions, software that businesses increasingly need to operate, but how do those of us whose technical skills extend little further than Word and Excel decide whether these solutions and the companies that code them are […]

Dynamic 35: Hg Capital

A smarter way of buying into the right kind of private growth businesses It is an unfortunate truth that more and more high growth businesses are choosing to stay private and ignore the public markets. Collectively we investors, institutional and private have done our best to make life difficult for highly rated , fast growing […]

The Trader: Five rules for new traders

A combination of market volatility and being locked in during lockdown has led to many turning their eye to getting involved in the stock market. The failure rate for traders is estimated to be around 90%, and many of the spread bet firms report that 70%+ of clients lose (the real figure I believe is […]

The changing shape of QinetiQ

I have picked QinetiQ from my “Cash King” filter because it was one of the more reasonably priced companies that passed all the criteria. It’s debt-adjusted PE ratio is 14. QinetiQ makes Rattler, a supersonic target that simulates air-launched anti-radiation missiles. Source: QinetiQ annual report 2019 The company is a defence technology business, once part […]

Dynamic 35: Edinburgh Worldwide

Edinburgh Worldwide – a great long-term home for growth investors Investors in funds such as Scottish Mortgage will have noticed a very peculiar phenomenon over the last few turbulent weeks. On paper many of the growth-oriented businesses sitting in its portfolio stand on huge valuations (very high price to earnings ratios) which means that they […]

Weekly Commentary: 11/05/20 – The 50-year view

The 50-year view As equity markets squeeze up Jeremy suggests equities may have further to go on the back of credit markets. A screen of resilient dividend payers finds 3 strong fund managers to be some of the best performers in the current money printing environment. City of London Investment Group is the recovery situation […]

The Trader: How to Avoid Blowing Your Account

The market is moving with extreme volatility in recent weeks. This offers traders many opportunities to prosper and profit, but volatility is a double-edged sword. It can be your best friend one day and your worst enemy the next. Many traders love volatility when the trade is going in their favour, but struggle to deal […]