Jeremy Grime

Jeremy has deep experience in the UK Specialist Financials sector through over 30 years experience as a small cap fund manager and broker. Jeremy likes to take a top-down approach to his writing, looking at economic and market trends and then drilling down into opportunities for investors.

I have a view that institutional brokers are in decline because they have lost “placing power” as investors are taking control of their own finances. So ultimately placing power will revert to those that own the retail flow (as was the case 80 years ago when my forbears were stock broking) which puts Private Investors using software like SharePad and ShareScope in a great position!

Latest Articles

  • Weekly Commentary: 22/07/19 22nd July 2019 by Jeremy Grime - The Greening of Fund Management It is still useful to contemplate the state of the world over a good lunch as I did last week enjoying a long and slow sunny afternoon with a fund manager friend. We reflected that… ...more
  • Weekly Commentary: 15/07/19 15th July 2019 by Jeremy Grime - Where are the Customers’ Yachts? The book “Where are the Customers’ Yachts?” by Fred Schwed was written 75 years ago but as we watch the continuing headlines over Woodford it seems as relevant today as then. It has some very… ...more
  • Weekly Commentary: 08/07/19 8th July 2019 by Jeremy Grime - The Bubble has burst Sometimes we spend so long waiting for something to happen we don’t realise it has started. But I think it has already started. No one rings a bell at market changing points. There are the 1987… ...more
  • Weekly Commentary: 01/07/19 1st July 2019 by Jeremy Grime - Disruption in the Courts Early for lunch on the 24th floor of Tower 42 in the City I gazed over the tower blocks of the city. When I started work the City buildings stopped at Liverpool Street Station. The area… ...more
  • Weekly Commentary: 24/06/19 24th June 2019 by Jeremy Grime - Structural Change in the City It always amazes me how debt can lead to innovation. Humans find ingenious solutions. The Bank of England was founded in 1694 because the 9-year war against France was expensive. Usefully that enabled us to… ...more
  • Weekly commentary: 17/06/19 17th June 2019 by Jeremy Grime - It’s “avoid the warnings” time Last week saw a few profit warnings. Somero, Ted Baker, Quiz, Pendragon warnings were based on revenue disappointments but I suspect cost pressures are building too at the moment. The trend of increasing warnings appears… ...more
  • Weekly Commentary: 10/06/19 10th June 2019 by Jeremy Grime - Companies with Culture The noise around Woodford’s humiliation last week was deafening. And it was a bad week for Hargreaves Lansdown (-14%). I don’t recall such a lot of noise around a fund manager since the demise of New Star… ...more
  • Weekly Commentary: 03/06/19 3rd June 2019 by Jeremy Grime - The “End of Global Trade” Week Last week the talk moved from politics to trade wars. Consensus seems to be that the trade war between the US and China is set to continue for a while. With the UK political… ...more
  • Weekly commentary: 28/05/19 28th May 2019 by Jeremy Grime - Time to own value? Unicorns The Unicorns stable door has been left wide open. Beyond Meat, a US loss making protein meat brand, listed in New York in early May rising 163% on its first day of trading valuing it… ...more