David C Stevenson

David Stevenson

David Stevenson is an investment columnist for the Financial Times (the Adventurous Investor), Citywire and MoneyWeek. He’s also the author of the Adventurous Investor blog – www.adventurousinvestor.com – and is executive editor of ETF Stream – www.etfstream.com – and fintech news service AltFi – www.altfi.com.

I believe in keeping investing simple and I think that investment trusts are an ideal structure for private investors. Whatever your investment goal, be it long term capital growth, or income or even defensive strategies, there is likely to be an investment trust that will work for you over the long term. The key is picking the right trust or fund and the London market has a huge range. Having watched this sector – and invested in it – for over 20 years I think i have developed a fairly in depth understanding of which funds work, and why. My articles on investment trusts will hopefully help guide private investors in the right direction.

Latest Articles

  • Update on model growth portfolios 24th December 2021 by David Stevenson - David gives an update on his ETF portfolios. Read his previous update here. As 2021 draws to a (dismal) end, besieged yet again by Covid, I thought I’d share a quick update on my two model ETF based portfolios. To… ...more
  • New addition to Dynamic 35: JPMorgan Russian Securities 29th October 2021 by David Stevenson - Our funds expert embraces his inner bear, focusing on a long-established and successful Russian investment fund. For those worried about the fragile US monetary order, or wanting to play the upside in energy prices, Russia is a great starting point.… ...more
  • Prudent 15: The Honeycomb Investment Trust 10th September 2021 by David Stevenson - Our funds specialist returns form a summer break with a new addition to the Prudent 15. It’s a lending fund that has built up a solid track record and offers cautious, income-oriented investors a solid 8% plus yield. My latest… ...more
  • Dynamic 35 : Montanaro European Smaller Companies Trust 30th July 2021 by David Stevenson - Our funds specialist returns with a star performer in the relatively unloved European equities space: Montanaro European Smaller Companies Trust. He reckons now is the time to focus on fast growing European small caps. This week I have a relatively… ...more
  • Dynamic 35: D9 Digital 9 Infrastructure 2nd July 2021 by David Stevenson - Our funds specialist returns with another new suggestion for the Dynamic 35, Digital 9 Infrastructure, although he argues it could also sit inside the Prudent 15 list as well. This fund is an asset-backed infrastructure fund with an exciting technology… ...more
  • Dynamic 35: TR Property Investment Trust 21st May 2021 by David Stevenson - Our funds expert turns his attention to the slowly recovering property-focused real estate investment trusts sector. His new addition to the Dynamic 35 is a very actively managed pan European fund of funds that invests across a wide range of… ...more
  • Dynamic 35: BlackRock World Mining Review 16th April 2021 by David Stevenson - Investing in mining stocks is always a speculative exercise. Where are we in the cycle? ...more
  • Prudent 15: BioPharma Credit 23rd March 2021 by David Stevenson - In these articles about funds, I have tended to steer clear of the many, many alternative funds listed on the London market. That is not because these funds are not interesting – many of them are – but because I… ...more
  • Dynamic 35: Oakley Capital Investments 9th February 2021 by David Stevenson - Private equity fund in transition – new addition to Dynamic 35 Listed private equity funds have had a chequered record on the London Stock Exchange. On paper they are a great innovation, allowing private investors access to usually institutional grade… ...more
  • My two ETF Growth Portfolios: January 2021 Update 9th February 2021 by David Stevenson - Back in the middle of August I outlined two growth-oriented portfolios, comprising a gaggle of exchange traded funds. The first was a Global Trends portfolio, a collection of eight ETFs which aim to track a selection of key thematic big… ...more
  • The Dynamic 35: Manchester and London 14th January 2021 by David Stevenson - "While we have this euphoria it's pretty hard to imagine the bubble breaking. But look at the data and you think this thing could go..." (Grantham, GMO, Dec 2020). "In every portfolio, you need to ask yourself what is going… ...more
  • The Dynamic 35 : The Schroders Asian Total Return Trust 2nd December 2020 by David Stevenson - Traditionally most investors tend to regard the division between developed markets (DM) and emerging markets (EM) as a simple divide. We all put more money in the DM but then try and make sure we have some, smaller exposure, to… ...more
  • Dynamic 35: India Capital Growth fund 13th November 2020 by David Stevenson - This week I have a very adventurous addition to my list of 35 Dynamic funds. I admit that it’s not without risk and its recent track record hasn’t been fab if I’m honest but I think the seeds for a… ...more
  • Dynamic 35: Aurora Investment Trust 23rd October 2020 by David Stevenson - A new addition to the Dynamic 35 Aurora Investment trust I wanted to start this article with an immediate declaration. I am a non-executive director at my new addition to the Dynamic 35, the Aurora investment trust. As a general… ...more
  • Dynamic 35: RTW Venture 1st October 2020 by David Stevenson - I have a new addition to my Dynamic 35 list of investment trusts and closed end funds. It is called RTW Venture and it is a venture capital fund which invests in life sciences businesses – mainly in the biotech… ...more
  • My two ETF Growth Portfolios 28th August 2020 by David Stevenson - This week I am focusing not on my usual subject of investment trusts but switching attention to exchange traded funds or ETFs. These are a useful vehicle for investors, and I think they can easily sit alongside investment trusts. What… ...more
  • Prudent 15: Ecofin Global Utilities and Infrastructure Trust (EGL) 30th July 2020 by David Stevenson - I do not think it is unfair to say that over the last decade we have seen a powerful shift in sentiment towards utility stocks, arguably in a very negative direction. For much of the last few decades, private investors… ...more
  • Prudent 15: International Public Partnerships 17th July 2020 by David Stevenson - The safe bet on infrastructure: INPP (International Public Partnerships) Over the next couple of articles, we’ll be adding two new funds to our Prudent 15 list, both in the broad infrastructure and utilities space. My next article will be on… ...more
  • Dynamic 35: Witan Investment Trust 1st July 2020 by David Stevenson - Witan – a long term buy and hold globalist fund with a value bias Investing should really be about simplicity. Take global investing. Nearly every investor should have some exposure to a globally diversified mix of developed world stock markets.… ...more
  • Prudent 15: The SDCL Energy Efficiency Income Trust 12th June 2020 by David Stevenson - The SDCL Energy Efficiency Income Trust The idea of investing in a fund which will help facilitate the transition towards a more sustainable energy mix has spawned a small army of London listed closed end funds and investment trusts. At… ...more
  • Dynamic 35: Hg Capital 27th May 2020 by David Stevenson - A smarter way of buying into the right kind of private growth businesses It is an unfortunate truth that more and more high growth businesses are choosing to stay private and ignore the public markets. Collectively we investors, institutional and… ...more
  • Dynamic 35: Edinburgh Worldwide 12th May 2020 by David Stevenson - Edinburgh Worldwide – a great long-term home for growth investors Investors in funds such as Scottish Mortgage will have noticed a very peculiar phenomenon over the last few turbulent weeks. On paper many of the growth-oriented businesses sitting in its… ...more
  • Prudent 15: Ruffer Investment Company 22nd April 2020 by David Stevenson - The Ruffer Investment Company – big bets on a global new normal "There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen" Lenin Generally, I have a very dismissive attitude towards the idea of absolute returns funds.… ...more
  • Dynamic 35: Augmentum 3rd April 2020 by David Stevenson - A big bet on Fintech worth taking at this price - Augmentum OK, I’m not going to beat around the bush. l readily concede that now is not a great time, all things considered, to be talking about investing in… ...more
  • Prudent 15: BH Global 20th March 2020 by David Stevenson - Kicking off with BH Global (BHGG) You can always read more about my views on funds at my blog www.adventurousinvestor.com. I update this most days, especially useful during these volatile times when new investment opportunities emerge very quickly. I’m not… ...more
  • Dynamic 35: Syncona 3rd March 2020 by David Stevenson - The genomics revolution and the appeal of Syncona It’s easy to get carried away with the short to medium term noise coming out of stock markets. The corona virus has sent investors in the developed world heading for the exit.… ...more
  • Dynamic 35: Scottish Mortgage 18th February 2020 by David Stevenson - I must say I’m very excited to be writing for SharePad and ShareScope. I’ve been an avid user of both for more than 10 years and I know that both products are widely used by smart investors who want to… ...more