David C Stevenson

David Stevenson

David Stevenson is an investment columnist for the Financial Times (the Adventurous Investor), Citywire and MoneyWeek. He’s also the author of the Adventurous Investor blog – www.adventurousinvestor.com – and is executive editor of ETF Stream – www.etfstream.com – and fintech news service AltFi – www.altfi.com.

I believe in keeping investing simple and I think that investment trusts are an ideal structure for private investors. Whatever your investment goal, be it long term capital growth, or income or even defensive strategies, there is likely to be an investment trust that will work for you over the long term. The key is picking the right trust or fund and the London market has a huge range. Having watched this sector – and invested in it – for over 20 years I think i have developed a fairly in depth understanding of which funds work, and why. My articles on investment trusts will hopefully help guide private investors in the right direction.

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