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Bruce Packard

Financial Analyst, former management consultant, equity research analyst Bruce Packard started his career at Credit Suisse followed by various banks and stockbroking firms before quitting The City to work in financial PR, Litigation finance and finally financial education. In 2008 he predicted the nationalisation of the UK banking industry.

I’m a self-invested, low frequency, buy and hold investor focused on quality. As well as writing for ShareScope I like to capture my financial analysis and non-conformist thoughts on my own blog I also own a craft beer bar in Berlin for fun and play beach volleyball (unlikely to turn professional though).

Latest Articles

  • Weekly Commentary: 07/09/20 – Come back on St Leger Day 7th September 2020 by Bruce Packard - St Leger Day, as in ““Sell in May and go away, don’t come back till St Leger Day”, is approaching. I’ve always wondered who St Leger was, and why a saint might have had a horse race named in his… ...more
  • Weekly Commentary: 31/08/20 – Let the future ≠ the past 31st August 2020 by Bruce Packard - Nasdaq continued to hit new highs, at 11,666 up +30% from the start of the year and up 2.5x in the last 5 years. I can’t think of anyone suggesting in January that all three of I) Gold, II) Govt… ...more
  • Weekly Commentary: 24/08/20 – Searching for uncorrelated returns 24th August 2020 by Bruce Packard - Rightmove released a survey showing that the UK housing agreed sales picked up strongly to a record £37bn. A day later Persimmon reported half year results to end of June, adding that reported sales since the start of July were… ...more
  • UK banks – in the eye of the storm? 13th August 2020 by Bruce Packard - Every crisis presents opportunities. A contrarian strategy of buying bank shares during the point of maximum gloom during a recession has often, but not always, been a good idea. It most definitely failed in 2008 when banks needed to raise… ...more