Richard Beddard

Richard is a highly-respected investment writer well-known for his Share Sleuth column in Money Observer. He also writes regularly for MoneyWeek amongst other publications. Richard eats his own cooking – buying good companies at reasonable prices in his Self Invested Personal Pension and holding them for the long-term.

I’m a long-time ShareScope and SharePad fan and my aim is to help you find better companies faster using the fantastic tools at your disposal. My focus is on finding businesses we can reasonably expect to prosper for many years. As well as analysing data, I work out the strategies companies are following and try to verify that they are working in the real world by quizzing executives, visiting companies, trying their products and observing how they operate.

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Latest Articles

  • When bad companies become good: IG Design 2nd July 2018 by Richard Beddard - IG Design, formerly International Greetings, is one of my biggest investment mistakes—even though I made a few quid on it. Since I sold my shares in International Greetings—as it was called then—in April 2014, the company’s share price has risen ...more
  • Electrocomponents: Becoming First Choice 20th June 2018 by Richard Beddard - You don’t have to look far to discover Electrocomponents’ ambition. “BECOMING FIRST CHOICE” is the title of its annual report this year. But that strapline is one of the last things I found out about the company while evaluating the ...more
  • Face-off: Tenpin versus Hollywood Bowl 5th June 2018 by Richard Beddard - Tenpin bowling chains are like London buses. You wait around for years and then two of them list almost at the same time. Phil Oakley has already reviewed the UK’s biggest operator, Hollywood Bowl, but there’s more to be learned ...more
  • First steps to an inheritance tax-exempt portfolio 21st May 2018 by Richard Beddard - Investing in AIM-listed shares can help you reduce inheritance tax but you have to be picky. Not all shares qualify, and they must be good investments too. As usual, SharePad can help narrow down the field. What is an IHT-exempt ...more
  • A new issue that is already a winner 8th May 2018 by Richard Beddard - Looking through the prisms of profitability, debt, cash flow, strategy and valuation, Strix may be an exception to the rule that new issues make bad investments. Finance professor Elroy Dimson and his colleagues made a startling find when they studied ...more
  • AGMs – If in doubt, ask 23rd April 2018 by Richard Beddard - Most companies will answer questions from shareholders and potential shareholders. At Annual General Meetings shareholders have a right to ask questions and get answers. A large proportion of listed companies report full-year results in late winter and spring because their ...more
  • Putting performance in perspective 9th April 2018 by Richard Beddard - To get a grip on where a company is going you have to understand where it has come from. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean reading every annual report. Usually, it’s not enough to read the latest annual report. To understand a ...more
  • Working out what could go wrong with a share 26th March 2018 by Richard Beddard - Investors pin their hopes on what could go right. The great product. The winning strategy. The growing market. The new technology. These may be good reasons to own a share, but only if you have also considered what could go ...more
  • Decrypting a company’s business model and strategy 13th March 2018 by Richard Beddard - While it’s comforting to know a business has enjoyed success, long-term investors must also form an opinion on its prospects if we’re to hold the shares through thick and thin. In How to read an annual report, I identified the ...more
  • How to read an annual report 27th February 2018 by Richard Beddard - Rule number one in long-term investing is to understand how the businesses you expect to profit from will make money - otherwise, how can you be confident they will? Annual reports are the most complete source of public information on ...more
  • The Terry Smith algorithm 14th February 2018 by Richard Beddard - In this article I’ve attempted to find Fundsmith-like companies using SharePad. The results are mixed but there’s a lot to be learned from the experiment. A letter from Terry If like me you hold units in Fundsmith, last month you ...more
  • Using SharePad’s “Live” tables in your own spreadsheets 30th January 2018 by Richard Beddard - Maybe you already download tables of data from SharePad by clicking on the sharing button in SharePad's blue Table view, but this data is dead. It doesn't change in your spreadsheet if it changes in SharePad. Now there is a ...more
  • Buy and build 15th January 2018 by Richard Beddard - If you take a look at Diploma through the lens of SharePad's summary page (under the green 'Financials' tab), you will find it shares many qualities of a good business. It has raised the dividend every year since 1999, a ...more
  • Settings for the big picture 3rd January 2018 by Richard Beddard - Happy New Year! I've started mine by tidying up my many desktops: my physical desk, my laptop's desktop, and SharePad. I did so much experimenting with SharePad in 2017, I've overwhelmed the lists of settings. Settings are how we make ...more
  • Two charts to unlock a company’s finances 6th December 2017 by Richard Beddard - By way of introducing two charts I'm routinely using to suss out how companies are financed - the twin pillars of debt and equity - I need to return briefly to my last article on hire firms. In the main, tool ...more
  • The elusive hire firms you can buy and hold 14th November 2017 by Richard Beddard - Last week I introduced the listed plant and tool hire companies and mentioned in passing the industry has a bit of a boom bust reputation. Perhaps I didn't egg the pudding enough, though. Ashtead's market capitalisation is nearly £10bn, more than ten ...more
  • Homing in on hire firms 7th November 2017 by Richard Beddard - Homing in on hire firms When business is sluggish at construction sites and factories, tools and equipment are returned and hire companies make less profit. The hire industry has a boom-bust reputation built on top of the boom-bust reputations of ...more
  • Stock Watch: Abcam – is lower profitability worth paying for? 23rd October 2017 by Richard Beddard - Abcam shares are more popular than ever. Perhaps they're worth it. Nailed on growth stock There's no doubt Abcam has grown. In performance terms it's about ten times better than it was when it floated in November 2005. Revenue in ...more
  • Finding companies that speak your language 4th October 2017 by Richard Beddard - Finding companies that speak your language It's a commonly held view that the only bits of financial reports worth paying attention to are the numbers at the back - in the profit loss account and balance sheet for example. For ...more
  • Tech recruiter is statistically attractive, but is it special? 26th September 2017 by Richard Beddard - There are two questions I ask of all companies I might invest in. Do the statistics indicate the business is highly profitable and, if they do, can I identify what makes it special? SharePad can answer the first question, and ...more
  • How I choose my next share using filters and charts 13th September 2017 by Richard Beddard - After many years of investment I still feel a sense of anticipation when I examine lists of shares looking for new opportunities. It's like opening a map to find new places to visit, or a menu at a restaurant that ...more
  • Shares to hold to the grave, and beyond… 31st August 2017 by Richard Beddard - For my debut SharePad article, I've been invited to introduce my stockpicking strategy. It's a daunting prospect because strategy is everything. Without a strategy, luck or instinct will determine our returns and in the stock market neither can be relied ...more