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Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor made the move to trading the stock market with his own capital on a full time basis in December 2016. As well as ShareScope, Michael contributes to Investors Chronicle and other online publications. He has also written a free book on getting started in the UK stock market, along with a stock trading handbook – both of which are available to download from his website at

I believe that anyone can learn to trade if they are able to remain objective and are willing to put the hours in. I lost a lot of money early on by not having a proper strategy and following the crowd. If you want to make money then you need to generate your own ideas – I use SharePad to find and plan my trades, and ShareScope to run on my trading screens.

Latest Articles

  • The Trader: The Impact of Coronavirus on Trading 23rd September 2020 by Michael Taylor - One of the effects on Coronavirus has been to crash the entire stock market only to see it recover strongly. However, the impact of Coronavirus for the private investor and retail trader has been huge. Social media has contributed to… ...more
  • The Trader: Spread Betting 11th September 2020 by Michael Taylor - Spread betting is another way of buying and selling shares. Instead of buying the actual stock when we purchase through our broker, in spread betting we are literally placing a bet on the stock that it will either rise or… ...more
  • The Trader: Working Through Rough Periods 26th August 2020 by Michael Taylor - Unless you’re an Instagram trader, set with a laptop by the pool and a Lamborghini in the background, everybody goes through rough patches in trading. It is a fact. So much of this business is uncertain, and ironically people want… ...more
  • The Trader: A Day In The Life of a Stock Trader 21st August 2020 by Michael Taylor - One of the questions I’m frequently asked is how I structure my day. Time is a trader’s most important currency because sometimes it can be the first person eats, the second person goes hungry. Being alert and organised is the… ...more
  • The Trader: Knowing Your Market 4th August 2020 by Michael Taylor - We have covered many aspects of trading in previous articles, such as Why You Should Be Using R, Exit Strategies, and How To Avoid Blowing Your Account, and having had conversations with recent traders it is clear that knowing your… ...more
  • The Trader: Examining Retail Trading Behaviour 25th June 2020 by Michael Taylor - One of the many oft-repeated quotes around traders is that 90% of traders lose money. However, this depends on how one classifies a ‘trader’. Many people – and I can believe that it is 90%+ of people – lose money… ...more
  • The Trader: Taking advantage of SharePad News 7th June 2020 by Michael Taylor - A few months ago, I wrote about how to optimise your news feed on ShareScope Pro. My suggestions to improve the news feed have been taken on board and are now available on SharePad too. In this article, I’ll show… ...more
  • The Trader: Five rules for new traders 22nd May 2020 by Michael Taylor - A combination of market volatility and being locked in during lockdown has led to many turning their eye to getting involved in the stock market. The failure rate for traders is estimated to be around 90%, and many of the… ...more
  • The Trader: How to Avoid Blowing Your Account 7th May 2020 by Michael Taylor - The market is moving with extreme volatility in recent weeks. This offers traders many opportunities to prosper and profit, but volatility is a double-edged sword. It can be your best friend one day and your worst enemy the next. Many… ...more
  • The Trader: Why You Should Be Using R 23rd April 2020 by Michael Taylor - R is a component in trading that we use to define risk. It is a crucial aspect of trading systems and by thinking in terms of R we can improve our results. In this article I will introduce to you… ...more
  • The Trader: Why the trend is your friend 31st March 2020 by Michael Taylor - “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” Whether or not you agree with Jane Austen’s opening line in Pride and Prejudice, by the end… ...more
  • The Trader: Exit Strategies 13th March 2020 by Michael Taylor - In April 2017, I had a real nightmare. I had been trading full time on the market for four months and had had enormous success buying bubbley story stocks and riding them upwards. I was convinced that I knew what… ...more
  • The Trader: Optimising Your RNS Feed 26th February 2020 by Michael Taylor - In this article, I’ll show you how to clean up and manage your RNS feed by adding a filter and removing noise, colour coding your RNSs, and highlighting words and phrases within the stories itself. We’ll also get rid of… ...more
  • A market of stocks or a stock market? 7th February 2020 by Michael Taylor - January was a good month, despite the FTSE 100 closing down nearly 3.5% and the outbreak on coronavirus soon to kill us all. Or is it? Well, it’s been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organisation. But… ...more
  • Taste the Feeling 29th January 2020 by Michael Taylor - Taste the Feeling is a Coca-Cola slogan from 2016. I think it’s a very good, because Coca-Cola isn’t just a product. It’s a religion. The fervour seen during the launch of New Coke, launched in 1985, as a response to… ...more
  • Why mindset is the most important factor 16th January 2020 by Michael Taylor - "Nature versus nurture" has been a debate that has raged for hundreds of years. Sir Francis Galton (pictured above), who was a Victorian era statistician and psychologist (amongst investor, explorer, and other disciplines) coined the phrase in his book Hereditary… ...more
  • The Wright brothers were not capitalists 24th December 2019 by Michael Taylor - Warren Buffett is famous to have said “If a capitalist had been present at Kitty Hawk back in the early 1900s, he should have shot Orville Wright”. This is because the airline industry is deemed to have sucked huge amounts… ...more
  • Cups and bowls 6th December 2019 by Michael Taylor - Cups and handles, and bowls, have been very popular with trend traders. These patterns can be powerful as they show sentiment of the stock gradually changing and buyers slowly overpowering suppliers of the stock. This is a classic cup and… ...more
  • Is there life on the High Street? 22nd November 2019 by Michael Taylor - With Debenhams going bang, the demise of Mothercare, and Carpetright finally succumbing to their challenges (Carpetright was taken over – but at a price only slightly higher than the all time low), the narrative of the high street being dead… ...more
  • Support & Resistance 6th November 2019 by Michael Taylor - Support and resistance are two common concepts when it comes to technical analysis. They are the most basic but also the most important points when plotting levels on a chart. Technical analysis is a self-fulfilling prophecy as many traders and… ...more
  • Two Technical Analysis Tools You Need: Candlesticks and Volume 9th October 2019 by Michael Taylor - We briefly touched on technical analysis in my previous article ‘The Four Stages of a Stock’, and in this article I want to introduce some simple technical analysis components, which, if understood, can provide a lot of clarity on price… ...more
  • Why shorting is good for investors 30th August 2019 by Michael Taylor - Although I am much more of a trader myself as I rely on trading profits to pay my bills, I do think investors have much to be gained learning from the art of short selling stocks. There are several reasons… ...more
  • The Four Stages of a Stock 26th July 2019 by Michael Taylor - Technical analysis is either loved or hated. Many people like to claim it as ‘voodoo’ and trying to predict the future, but the fact is that technical analysis is useful simply because everyone looks at the same charts and sees… ...more