Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor made the move to trading the stock market with his own capital on a full time basis in December 2016. As well as ShareScope, Michael contributes to Investors Chronicle and other online publications. He has also written a free book on getting started in the UK stock market, along with a stock trading handbook – both of which are available to download from his website at www.shiftingshares.com

I believe that anyone can learn to trade if they are able to remain objective and are willing to put the hours in. I lost a lot of money early on by not having a proper strategy and following the crowd. If you want to make money then you need to generate your own ideas – I use SharePad to find and plan my trades, and ShareScope to run on my trading screens.

The Trader: The damaging effects of loss

In this article, Michael looks at the effects of loss and the damage it can do to a trader’s P&L. Trump getting shot on Saturday saw several stocks and sectors move quickly. Overall, the market saw it as a positive. Not that he was shot, but because of his now significantly increased chances of winning.

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The Trader: AIM and share placings

In this article Michael looks at share placings and how to take advantage of them. Equity placements, also known as share placings, are a critical aspect of the financial markets. They are what you might call a necessary evil and are often used by companies to raise capital. That said, not all share placings are

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The Trader: Stockbrokers, DMA, and the RSP

Michael looks at the various types of stockbrokers in this article and how they can be used effectively. Having the right stockbroker can have a huge impact on your P&L. It came as no surprise to me that Shares decided to close down its UK operations. You most likely haven’t heard of this broker –

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The Trader: The Power of Breakouts in Bull Markets

Michael breaks down the breakout including why and how to play this trading pattern. For those who have followed my articles then it’ll come as no surprise that I love trading breakouts. Why? Simply put: trading breakouts is a powerful strategy for capturing significant price movements in stocks. When a stock’s price moves above a

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The Trader: The Indices Revisited

In this article, Michael revisits the indices and looks at what they mean for traders. Almost all of the trades I do are specific to the chart and to that company itself. For example, a strong stock in a bear market will get bought, and a down-trending, stock-breaking support in a raging bull market will

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The Trader: Trades outside the RNS

Michael looks at trades that don’t come through the RNS yet can still be considered price-sensitive news. The RNS is one of the best place trades, whether the trades be Opening Drive scalps or swings. Setting up your own specific filters (or using mine) is another of the best places. Examples of places that are

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The Trader: Weekly Round-up

Michael looks at a roundup of the weekly news and highlights one stock to avoid. There’s been plenty of action this week. And perhaps sentiment for the UK market is on the mend? The news is full of articles sounding the alarm for the UK stock market. Peel Hunt’s chief Steven Fine said that there

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The Trader: Using technicals with fundamentals

You often hear of people who are staunchly for either technical or fundamental analysis. Chartists will sneer at those who read the financial statements because they have no predictor on price and fundamentalists will claim that chart-reading is kooky and for those who need to give their head a shake. I’ve never understood why these

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The Trader: Profit Warnings and Reactions

Michael looks at a profit warning and some reactions to the news. It’s been a busy week in the markets and about to get a lot busier as March brings a whole load of results and trading updates. Last week, we saw profit warnings from Halfords and FD Technologies, along with some ahead statements and

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MT 5

The Trader: Two tech trend plays to watch

Are we in an early-stage bull market for small caps? Michael Taylor shares his experience on trend trading and how now could be a good time to get on board some trends early, taking a look at two potential examples in BKS and IGP. Intraday trading is fun. But it’s hard, most people fail, and

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The Trader: Trading external news events

In this article, Michael looks at trading external news events and opportunities that are set up as a result. External events that have an effect on a stock but are not directly news events from the stock can be hugely profitable. I talked about the Supreme Court of The United States’ decision to allow sports

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