Month: September 2017

How to value loss-making companies One of the questions I am frequently asked is: “How do I value loss-making companies?”. The short answer is that it can be really quite difficult. It is so much easier to try and value profitable businesses with an established financial history. However, the value of any business is based […]

Stock Watch: Redrow

The state of the housing market – and the direction of house prices in particular – is a key driver of Britain’s economy. When house prices are going up, people feel wealthier, banks are happy to lend money against property and economic activity tends to increase. More houses are built, more people move home, more […]

Stock Watch: Scapa Group

Scapa Group has transformed itself over the last few years by following a strategy of offering more value to its customers. It has worked well and has seen a significant boost in profits which has helped to make its shares an exceptional investment. The business Scapa Group describes itself as a supplier of bonding solutions […]