Month: July 2017

Stock Watch: Castings

Castings plc is a foundry business. Foundries are factories which produce metal castings. Castings has two in the UK – in the West Midlands and South Yorkshire – which take scrap steel and alloys and turn them into castings up to 40kg in weight. It also has a machining business which allows it to turn […]

Hunting in the minefield of cheap shares

Most people like a bargain. Bargain hunting on the stock market has long been a popular pastime or even a full time occupation for investors. There’s no shortage of books, articles and advice that tell investors to pursue a ‘cheap is best’ strategy if they want to get rich. Yet in most cases there is […]

Stock Watch: RPC

RPC (rigid plastic containers) designs and manufacturers plastic products for packaging markets. The company makes thousands of different products such as plastic bottles, food containers, plastic tubes, paint containers, wheelie bins and bin liners. Plastic is everywhere in our lives and there is a good chance that most of us use or come across an […]