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From Ideas to Investment

Oxford Metrics | Profiting from the augmented age (LSE:OMG)

Oxford Metrics has an illustrious past, and judging by management’s targets it expects to augment it in future. Richard investigates the past, and ponders the future… I discovered Oxford Metrics while paging through SharePad’s list of the whole market (LSE shares, excluding Investment Trusts) skimming the summary pages of companies that had recently published annual

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One commodity breakout

It is harder for many private investors to wrap their head around this thought: buying a price only when the stock is higher. The natural instinct is to think that if the stock is lower now, then it can be bought now, and sold higher later. This does, after all, go with the old stock

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Bruce Packard

Weekly Commentary 10/01/21: What’s new in 2022?

Bruce looks at how 3 ideas he crowded sourced from readers did in 2021, and asks for suggestions for 2022.  Plus 4 companies that have been busy with corporate activity (acquisitions, approaches, disposals).    The FTSE 100 was up +1% in the first week of 2022 at 7,450. Markets in the US were less positive

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