Month: October 2015

Chapter 11: Dividend investing

If you are watching or listening to the news at the end of the day you will usually be told what happened to the stock market that day. More precisely, you will be told whether it went up or down in price. Yet investing in shares is not just about changes in prices. When you […]

Chapter 12: Growth investing

The last couple of chapters have focused on two particular styles of investing – dividend investing and value investing. Both these approaches to owning shares are largely based on the current state of a company – its profits and its dividends. In this chapter, we are going to turn our attention to a different approach […]

Chapter 13: Investing in bonds

Despite their names, ShareScope and SharePad are not just all about shares. They can help you with other investments as well. In this article I’m going to tell you how you can use the information in them to invest in bonds. We’ve recently added some additional data for bonds into SharePad and this will go […]

Appendix A: Putting it all together

In this chapter, I use the data and tools in SharePad to show you how I analyse shares but it also applies to ShareScope. Even if you are not a subscriber, you should find this article extremely useful as a guide to making informed investment decisions. One of the main selling pitches of the fund […]

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